Pro Bono Project

Free or reduced fee attorneys are available through the Divorce Law Project, the Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania (CLASP), and the Modest Means Program of the ACBA Lawyer Referral Service.   These attorneys are trained in the Collaboratibve Process to help settle property-related issues in your divorce.

Who is Eligible?  Prospective clients must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The spouses have in dispute a marital asset or debt issue.
  • Both spouses must be able to attend meetings.
  • Both spouses must be willing to sit in the same room, with attorneys, and communicate openly with one another.
  • The applicant must reside in Allegheny County.
  • The applicant must know the spouse’s complete mailing address.
  • Both spouses must demonstrate a low income.

Free or reduced fee help is available and will be determined by the spouses’ level of income.  For more information, contact the Divorce Law Project at 412-402-6714.


Divorce may be unfortunate...but it doesn't have to be combative.

Collaborative Divorce is the revolutionary new way to restructure your family, resolve your legal issues, and move on with your life. Because families don't belong in court!

The Collaborative Process offers:


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