Parenting & Custody

Dealing with issues involving your children can be especially stressful. The Collaborative Process can offer the support of a neutral coach who can help to facilitate communication between parents in developing the groundwork for a new family dynamic. A coach may meet with the parents outside of the collaborative meetings, and participate in the meetings to help parents decide on schedules and develop methods for resolving potential conflicts that may arise in co-parenting.

Some families find that a child specialist can be helpful in giving a voice to the children in the process. A child specialist is a mental health professional who meets with the child or children affected by the divorce. The specialist then communicates with the parents, attorneys and other professionals to let them know the issues of concern to the children so that they can be considered throughout the Collaborative Process in the resolution of the parents’ issues.


Divorce may be unfortunate...but it doesn't have to be combative.

Collaborative Divorce is the revolutionary new way to restructure your family, resolve your legal issues, and move on with your life. Because families don't belong in court!

The Collaborative Process offers:


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