Wills and Estates

You have probably heard stories of family members fighting over Wills or who is going to be the guardian of an elderly relative.  These disputes can break family bonds and bank accounts.  A typical Will contest might take several years to resolve and a guardianship takes at least six months to run its course.  Not to mention appeals.  It can be far more efficient and economical to resolve these disputes without contentious Court filings.  Collaborative law is well suited to those who are determined not to spend time and money on litigation which can pit family members against one another.  If you value your relationships with the other interested parties, a collaborative approach to your estate administration or litigation matter might be right for you.

Collaborative law gives the participants the opportunity to stay out of Court from the inception of the estate.  Because it is an opportunity with a relatively short window, it is best to explore this option before any salvos are fired, but it is never too late to step outside the litigation framework and resolve your dispute using the collaborative process.


Divorce may be unfortunate...but it doesn't have to be combative.

Collaborative Divorce is the revolutionary new way to restructure your family, resolve your legal issues, and move on with your life. Because families don't belong in court!

The Collaborative Process offers:


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