About Collaborative Process

The Collaborative Process begins when people who are having a dispute hire collaborative professions such as attorneys, a neutral coach or a neutral financial.  A team is formed to help the clients resolve their dispute.  The team members and the clients sign a Participation Agreement which provides, among other things, that the clients will negotiate in good faith, provide all relevant information, and work diligently to reach an agreement.  Agreements may be entered as court orders where appropriate.

The Participation Agreement also provides that, in the event the dispute is not resolved by agreement, none of the attorneys involved may ever represent the clients in litigation.

After the Participation Agreement is signed the clients, attorneys and neutral professionals continue to meet to negotiate a resolution of all issues.  There is an agenda created in advance of every meeting to enhance efficiency and avoid surprise.  Meeting notes are taken to preserve the work that is done in each meeting.  An atmosphere of respect and civility is maintained so that the clients are able to resolve difficult issues while maintaining valued relationships.

Agreements are made which are based upon the clients’ goals and interests, and which reflect the best options as determined by the clients.

All members of CLASP offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the process options available to you.  Kindly click on the box at the top right of this page to find a Collaborative Professional for your free consultation.

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Divorce may be unfortunate...but it doesn't have to be combative.

Collaborative Divorce is the revolutionary new way to restructure your family, resolve your legal issues, and move on with your life. Because families don't belong in court!

The Collaborative Process offers:


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