About the Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania

The Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania (CLASP) is an association of professionals who are trained in the Collaborative Process, which helps clients to resolve disputes respectfully without going to court.  Our group includes financial and mental health professionals who are trained to act as neutral facilitators and attorneys who represent clients who are facing divorce, or who need help in resolving other disputes.

All CLASP members are required to meet the following standards:

  • A minimum of 12 hours of Collaborative Practice training
  • A minimum of 30 hours of mediation training
  • A minimum of 6 hours of participation in CLASP events
    Maintenance of professional liability insurance.

CLASP has an Executive Committee which governs the organization, together with Education, Training and other committees which allow members to enhance their professional skills in order to better serve their clients.


Divorce may be unfortunate...but it doesn't have to be combative.

Collaborative Divorce is the revolutionary new way to restructure your family, resolve your legal issues, and move on with your life. Because families don't belong in court!

The Collaborative Process offers:


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